DNA and Health

DNA and Health. Are they related?

by Dr. Steve Hoody from Healthier2gether

Happy new year! Your health resolutions can actually be more achievable now. The truth is a complete medical DNA analysis can tell you five important facts to help you get healthy. They are:

  1. What parts of my body are genetically healthy and which ones are not?
  2. Do I have genetic factors causing me to gain weight or making it harder to lose weight?
  3. Am I at a risk of cardiovascular disease or heart attack because of my DNA?
  4. I’ve been trying to raise my vitamin D without any luck. Can my DNA show me how?
  5. I’ve been told I have inflammation causing pain in my joints and fatigue. Can my DNA help resolve that problem?

A proper medical DNA analysis will generally organize your DNA information into the areas of inflammation, cell defense, methylation (which plays a big role in detoxification), vitamin D absorption, cardiovascular, and fat metabolism. Once you determine which of these six areas or at highest risk, you can put your focus on intervening or correcting those areas. Those corrections are made through either vitamins, food choices, exercise habits, or lifestyle choices.

Let’s look at weight loss.  I have a patient, let’s call her Mary. She tried to lose weight for years. She went to the gym for an hour or hour and a half every day, sweating, doing weights, even doing strenuous classes. She even ran two marathons. She became vegetarian, And even practiced intermittent fasting, only eating between the hours of 12 noon and 7:00 PM. She lost weight all right, 10 or 15 even 18 pounds, although she wanted to lose 45. But as soon as she stopped the intense regimen, she gained it all back and usually three or four more pounds each time. When she came to me she wanted to lose 60 lbs. First off, we checked her DNA. Her DNA showed that she should not be overtraining or over-exercising, but rather she should do moderate exercise and even get massages for her body to burn fat properly. It also showed that she should not be vegan or vegetarian, so she started to eat meat again. Mary also, according to her DNA, began to eat small regular meals throughout the day. Within four months, Mary lost 62 pounds and looked fabulous. Her scale showed that her metabolic age was now 12 years younger. It has now been about eight years. And Mary has not gained a pound back. She loves her DNA results.

How about cardiovascular health? My patient, Eric, had suffered multiple heart attacks and the doctors basically put him on bed rest and made him move his bedroom to the main floor as he was not allowed to walk stairs. He kept getting worse for a few years. Finally, we did his DNA and found that he required intense exercise. To make a Long story short, Ed has now rehabilitated and for exercise chops down trees with an ax. In his late 70s, I think he is stronger than many 20-year-olds. The wonders of DNA!

Photo of person taking DNA sample provided by Healthier2gether

Laboratory Machine photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

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