Discoverying Akari Berganzo

 Imaginaries and Discourses

by Aleksandre Roderick-Lorenz

The world of metaphysics has been known for questioning many of the problematics and circumstances faced by individuals on their daily lives. This philosophical branch aims to discover the nature of ethereal subjects that relate to the universe and the spiritual properties that define it. It is also an important current within the literary world that started with the reasonings of ancient thinkers such as Aristotle, Plato and Lao Tzu. Their influence is evident in present times and it has shaped the work of prominent contemporary authors such as Eckhart Tolle.

The mexican writer and novelist Akari Berganzo has been highly acclaimed for her work and has established a reputation which makes her one of the most sought-after writers in the field of metaphysics in Latin America. She has published 9 books that offer incredible guidance for people who seek to improve their lives through spirituality and mystical knowledge.

The books written by Berganzo have been dictated to her by entities of light that wish to share their wisdom with all of humanity. They intend to make this information and sacred content available to those in need and people interested in finding illumination and truth in their path. These messages contemplate our existence and have a divine purpose of awakening human consciousness and elevating all vibrations. The corpus of these books is meant to help the soul in its journey to evolutionary growth and enlightment. Most of these channelled texts come from various ascended masters, but primarily from master Saint Germain. This famed spiritual teacher from another dimension has been known for being loving and compassionate with those who seek his assistance. His messages come directly from the most elevated planes of light with the intent of helping society.

Amongst Berganzo’s published books, you will find the following:

Violets of Love, 2012 (Yug Editorial)

I Can Also Become An Ascended Master, 2013 (Pax Editorial)

Working With Crystals, 2014 (Pax Editorial)

Healing Bullying Through Metaphysics, 2014 (Pax Editorial)

Embracing Your Soul, 2015 (Pax Editorial)

I Decree, 2015 (Pax Editorial)

Powerful Decrees That Will Change Your Life, 2016 (Pax Editorial)

Saint Germain’s Lives On Earth, 2017 (Pax Editorial)

Mishka The Healing Cat, 2018 (Pax Editorial)

These wonderful books are filled with exemplary tools to help those who seek to delve deeper into existential questioning and the spiritual development of the soul. Their content is directly associated with energy and healing work. In them, you will find information about the ascended masters, prayers, rituals, decrees and various exercises to help you connect with your divine purpose and the universe. Aside from writing books of this nature, Berganzo is also working on a series of metaphysical fiction novels. Besides her work as a writer, she is also a dedicated teacher who is frequently giving conferences, courses, workshops and therapies of spiritual healing to students and patients from all over. Her wonderful gifts and devotion have turned her into a renowned eminence of the paranormal world.

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