Diet and Health

Helping Our Doctors Help Us
by Rob English

Obviously, doctors have to be really smart to memorize and process all the things they know, and they are supported by powerful research institutions that are constantly finding new and better ways to promote health and address disease. But clearly there’s more to the story; we ourselves can adopt strategies to maximize our own health and even prevent or even cure disease in our own bodies. In other words, we can help the doctors help us.

It’s no secret that quitting smoking is crucial for health. Eating a variety of beans, fruits, vegetables, and nuts is important. Reducing one’s intake of meat, eggs, animal milks and cheeses will work wonders for a body. Short videos in English and subtitled in Spanish examine each of these concepts on

If you go there, you might search for the video entitled Fighting the Ten Hallmarks of Cancer with Food. There, Doctor Greger explains that cancers exhibit ten common characteristics that can be attenuated by medication or food, or a combination of both. Clearly the more cancer we can attack with food, which is inexpensive compared to medications, and has few or no dangerous side effects compared to medications, we are better off.

Some of the ways cancer attacks, grows, spreads and kills include causing genetic mutations, hooking up its own blood supply, metastatic spread, and avoiding natural cell death. All of these activities by cancer cells are mitigated by eating a variety of berries, greens, and broccoli! So, adding them to your diet can be a big help to your doctor. Doing so at an early age can help even more, because many cancers don’t show up in people until they have grown quietly in our bodies for many years. Why not stamp them out in advance by diet before you have to pay for a costly and unpleasant series of chemo treatments that may not extend your life anyway? offers hundreds of short videos explaining the interaction between diet and health. For Spanish, click on the little gear at the bottom and choose it. Also, the same gear allows the viewer to slow down or speed up playback.

Rob English is a member of People for Animal Rights, a grassroots organization in Central New York.

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