Example of improvement for Latinos

The artist Arquímedes Mejía is an example of his overcoming and development through the arts that has reached the world.

This Latino artist, born in El Seibo, Dominican Republic in 1968 and has devoted a lifetime to painting and drawing, sculpture, studied at the National School of Fine Arts in the Dominican Republic from 1985 to1989.

During his career of 24 year he has participated in over 100 groups and a dozen of individual exhibitions which have made known our art and the Hispanic culture internationally. His works remain important public and private collections, both nationally and abroad. He is an active member of the college Dominican Artists (CODAP) and The International Association of Plastic Artists (ALAP) and is president of the Association of Artists of the Caribbean. He has taught drawing and painting at the Museum of Dominican Man since 1989 until 1990. He has taught art classes and lectures to private and public international levels.

According to art critic, Virginia Goris, from the Listin Diario newspaper in the Dominican Republic, the work of Arquímedes Mejía, is a hymn to peace, to non violence, to rediscover us through his images, with a profound mental laxity, as sensitive producing an arpeggio notes, the gentleness of the waves lapping the shores of moving placidly as the gentle rain that wet the grooves making new fruits germinate, or the end of a dark morning that proclaims the emergence of a new and brighter day.

Mejía is a master in the art of murals. He has murals in various locations including:

  • In the Path of Murals, Hermanas Mirabal province and in almost all the provinces of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
  • Among his most notable exhibitions we can mention the Summit of Latin American Art, the museum Karura Art Centre (MKAC), Spain, with artists from 23 countries.
  • Caribbean Roots group exhibition of the most prominent Dominican artists in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 2011.
  • Exhibition held in Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto, in Mayagüez, Bayamón and two in Ponce with the occasion, a historical illustration of calendar 2013, which hosted significant events in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.
  • “Confessions of a Harlequin” Exhibition in 2010, in the Dominican American Cultural Institute.
  • Exhibition at the Utica Library “Utica Public Library”, October to November 2013.

Mejia, hand in hand with the Mohawk Valley Latino Association has several activities to be held in various cultural centers, paints and teaches children who are keen to develop their talent in the art of drawing and painting.

This artist is known for his style of painting harlequins, those characters from the era of sixteenth and seventeenth century, that have been inspired by many famous artists including Pablo Picasso.

According to art critics from various countries who qualify Mejía’s work as a mark of our identity features a smooth sensuality of a spiritual halo that emerges from the characters of a position that advocates kindness. Favor of the most battered entrenched in our society for questionable stance that stain our everyday values, but that transmutes the music of the Laud, guitar, viola, and Cuatro which exorcises evil ghosts through the deep sound of afro Antillean and conga drums, building an ideal and beautiful for its indigenous harlequins dream.

Anyone interested in contracting this artist, please call 315-794-5054 or email, arquimedesmejia@hotmail.com

Samples of Art work from the artist Arquímedes Mejía, are on the front-page of the CNY Latino newspaper December edition or click here: http://arquimedes-pintor-dominicano.artelista.com/en/

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