CNY Latino want to express our most sincere condolence to Eyle’s family and friends.


Content provided by Maximilian Eyle, 
compiled by Marisol Hernandez

On Tuesday March 17th, Nicolas Eyle passed away at his home, (his favorite place), and his son Max was with him at the end.

They both were contributors for our monthly bilingual publication. Nicolas will be greatly missed. 

According to Max, he was a strong individualist with firm beliefs about how life should be lived – beliefs that he never strayed from even at the very end.

Max also said; The work my father did in the field of drug policy was some of his proudest, and it remained the subject that he spoke most passionately about for the rest of his life. The idea that people continue to be incarcerated for voluntarily putting a substance into their bodies always struck him as the height of absurdity. If my dad had a single mantra it would likely be: “Prohibition doesn’t work.”

Argentine tango was one of his greatest passions and interests. It is a certainty that tango brought him many of his happiest moments and introduced him to some of his closest friends.

Nicolas was never a fan of funerals, and always loved the idea of the New Orleans style remembrance with a limited time for grieving and a big party right afterwards.

We hope we can be part of the celebration of his life in the near future.

If you would like to see a full article about his passing written by his son Max, go to

Once again sorry for your lost Max and our prayers are with you and the family…