WISE Latina Session
Presented by: CNY Latino Newspaper
Time: 12:00-1:30pm (lunch will be served)
Location: Executive Boardroom

SESSION: What does it take to be a successful Latina…?
PANELISTS: Hipatia Lopez, Peggy Martinez and Renata Mutis Black
Moderator: Marisol Hernández

The CNY Latino Media Consortium is proud to present for the fourth year, the WISE Latina session within the popular WISE Symposium, a panel-based discussion with Women from this culture. This year we will have a panel made of three successful Latinas that are following their passions. They will share their personal and professional lives, including how they have made a difference in their communities. Their lives exemplify the lives of many, with hopes and dreams of a better life for their children and future generations.



Hipatia Lopez, Founder of HL Unico, LLC and inventor of the “Empanada Fork” — Hipatia will be sharing her journey as an inventor, what inspired this idea, the struggles she went thru to getting a patent, founding her business and making her American Dream a reality.

Peggy Martinez, Banker by day and artist for life — Peggy will be sharing her journey as a mother, banker and artist. As she talks about following your passion, key essentials from a financial perspective and balancing life as a self-employed woman. She will create a painting at La Casita Cultural Center the night before, which will be then raffled and the funds will be donated to the Golisano Children’s Hospital to further credit the Pediatric Asthma Support.

Renata Mutis Black, Founder of Empowered By You – Renata will be sharing her journey as a Latina leader, her inspiration for creating a lingerie brand that shifts the paradigm and empowers women, and her commitment to giving a “first break” to as many women as possible. 

Attendees will gain insight in the struggles and success of these three powerful Latinas as they share their life’s stories and how they were able to achieve their goals. The diverse people attending will leave with educational valuable material, a higher understanding of the Latino culture, the role we play in today’s society and be inspired to pursue their dreams.

Peggy Martinez

   Renata Mutis BlackHipatia Lopez

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