Strategic Leadership September 2014

Strategic Foresight: The Future is as Sure as You Create it…

One of the dangers organizations face is the old saying “business as usual.” Strategic foresight leaders (aka futurists) have taken it upon themselves to create alternative futures. These strategic leaders take businesses to the next level by living from the future. Its simple folks, we can no longer act as if the world is what it used to be, things are moving at a turbulent speed, faster than anyone can keep up with. If you don’t believe this you are already behind!

Strategic forecasters are training businesses through scenario building and planning to add value to organizations to create their own competitive advantage. So, instead of being reactive, organizations are being proactive. There is risk involved for those who will dare to forecast strategically, but with today’s fluctuations globally there are no other alternatives for business.

So what are the ten top trends of the extreme future? According to Dr. James Canton these are:

  • Future of the individual
  • Next workforce
  • Securing the future
  • U.S.-China Future
  • Globalization
  • Fueling the future
  • Longevity medicine
  • Climate change
  • Weird science

To speak of all of these is too much for what we are trying to accomplish here. Our task is just to present to business leaders the idea that the future is as sure as you create it. For instance, did you know by 2040 the workforce in the U.S. will be predominately Hispanic, and woman will most likely lead organizations of the future? People will live for centuries with innovative medicine, and oil reserves will most likely be dried up by 20-30 more years.

What is your business doing to kept ahead of the curve? What will be your competitive advantage? If you are being reactive for the future most likely it will be too late. Heck! It already is too late! Remember, we have to do business from the future to the present, not the other way around. The time is now to begin scenario planning and strategizing for the future. This is strategic foresight. Do you and your organization have it?


Peter Rios is a consultant to businesses, organizations, and religious institutions. His company, R.I.O.S.-Robust Innovative Organizational Solutions, LLC, focuses on leadership development, organizational diversity and renewal. Rios’ passion is to add value to people and see their organizations transformed. Equipping people with the tools for success and building relationships through team work brings him great fulfillment.

His extensive experience and doctoral education in strategic leadership has made him a sought out speaker, facilitator and coach. Rios has traveled to speak and serve in China, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Canada, and throughout the U.S. In the United States Marines Corps he gained global leadership exposure in multicultural settings while stationed in Okinawa Japan and South Korea. Ríos is an adjunct professor in Indiana at Wesleyan University.

Mr. Rios is married to his lovely wife Dr. Ruth Gonzalez-Rios and resides in Rochester, NY. For consultancy email him at

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