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Dear World,

Time moves so quickly. Already, CNY Latino is celebrating 11 years! 11 wonderful years of publication. 11 years of reaching out to our community. 11 years of addressing our culture and our interests. 11 years of connecting us with each other. 11 years and still going strong.

Our culture, our language, our history are all very important to us. Considering our location, it’s easy to become disconnected from all of that. CNY Latino has ensured us that we will not lose our culture, our language, or our history. CNY Latino has given us a connection. They communicate with us in our language (both literally and metaphorically). They allow us the opportunity to network with other Hispanic businesses and people. Although we may be far from our countries of origin, CNY Latino helps to stay connected to our history and our heritage.

I’m excited to be a part of the CNY Latino family. I, myself, have been here for almost a year now. I have met such wonderful people through this periodical. I have connected with our community. I have been given a voice and an opportunity. I am so grateful that I can say I am a part of CNY Latino. CNY Latino has offered me the opportunity to address that which is important to both the Hispanic community, and the LGBT community. CNY Latino is inclusive for all of us. My appreciation of that far surpasses what words can ever say.

It’s amazing that one publication can do so much. How many of us have been touched by the work of CNY Latino, and those affiliated with it? What may seem to be just a newspaper, is so much more. It gives us a voice. It gives us the opportunity to be ourselves. It gives us a chance to learn about ourselves, and others in our community. It is a gift. It gives to each and every one of us.

Thanks to CNY Latino, I can be out and proud as both a Latina and an LGBT. The opportunity they have given me is such a wonderful  blessing. I am so grateful for CNY Latino and everyone who is associated with it.

So, happy anniversary, CNY Latino! Here’s to eleven years, and many, many more to come!

Live life in your own special way,


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