2015 WISE Latina Conference at the WISE Symposium

WISE Latina… What is it..?

The CNY Latino Media Consortium is presenting for the fifth year an event dedicated to the “Latina Woman”, as part of the famous women conference WISE, Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at the Syracuse Carrier Dome, in Syracuse, NY. This Hispanic annual event for the fifth year honors and celebrates our female Hispanic representation in many aspect of life and it will take place at 12 noon; the WISE conference is all day and begins at 8:30 AM. This is the 13 year WISE brings one of the biggest business conference, networking and famous event in New YorkState, and maybe the most powerful conference for women..! This year, thanks to the sponsorship of CNY Latino, and of the partial collaboration of other business, the WISE conference is going to bring a session dedicated to Latina Women, where we will discuss aspects and issues related to this ethnic group. Use the online registration form (also for additional information) at the website www.wiseatina.org, or call Marisol Hernández at (315) 558-4203 or email her at mhernandez@cnylatino.com.

The 13 annual WISE Symposium will be culminating this year at 5:30pm with the National Grid Networking Reception & Tailgate with a Cash bar; WISE Connections Café; book signing with speaker/authors (including our WISE Latina speaker Heidy Ramos); visit booth of local entrepreneurs; Includes networking, exhibits, food, drinks, & fun (go to www.wisecenter.org/the-symposium/ for more details)…

If you know of anyone else who will benefit from attending this event for the Latina Woman, please forward this information to her (or to him – men are also welcome), or let us know who else you think should receive an invitation.

NOTE: The event for Latina woman will be presented in “English” – possible assistance for translation may be offered.




Thanks to our headquarters WISE Business Center with Joanne Lenwearver and Lindsay Wickham, and to our contributors Berenice Bonilla, Alison Grimes, Fransheska Savinon, and Guadalupe Dailey. We could not have done it without your support and contribution…

Theme: “Your Story, Your Masterpiece: Celebrate the Artist Within” About the Speakers for this year…

Conference Host and Welcome Speaker: Marisol Hernandez

Marisol Hernandez, founder and producer of the WISE Latina Conference is a graduate of Empire State College, State University of New York (1999). She became the second Latina to be elected as a commissioner of Education to the Syracuse City School Board of Education. Marisol worked at the Spanish Action League of Onondaga County for more than seven years and continues to advocate for the Latino community in Syracuse by serving on multiple boards and committees and representing the Latino voice in Syracuse.  Marisol is currently co-owner and editor in Chief of the CNY Latino Media Consortium, and in addition to organizing a series of events on behalf of the paper, also supports the Marketing and Advertising Departments and Translation Division. When she is not organizing events or working in the many tasks of CNY Latino, you can find her teaching health and wellness classes to help many Latino families improve their quality of life trough the YMCA of Syracuse, or inspiring and encouraging others to pursue their dreams. She and her partner, Hugo Acosta, are raising a family in the town of Tully in Central New York.

Speaker: Angela Arrey-Wastavino
Topic: Funding Your Art Project: How to Deal with Philanthropic Organizations
Workshop description: Angela Arrey-WastavinoGovernment agencies, as well as a variety of philanthropic organizations, frequently offer grants to work with the community. Individuals and non-profit organizations may benefit and obtain funding by taking advantage of these opportunities. Though competitive grants abound, obtaining them depends on how you craft your ideas. Angela will teach us that funding our art project is not that complicated!

Bio: Dr. Arrey-Wastavino is a visual artist, writer and academician. Her research, art and literary writings focus on urban populations around the world and she passionately works in association with non-profit organizations reaching children and adults with her message of empowerment. Her aim is to work alongside diverse individuals as they develop their creativity and increase their social integration and participation. Dr. Arrey-Wastavino is currently President of Onondaga Art Guild and works at SUNY Educational Opportunity Center and Say Yes to Education.

Speaker: Peggy Martinez
Topic: It’s a Journey: How to Follow your Passion
Workshop description: Peggy Martinez, “banker by day and artist for life,” will be sharing her journey as she followed her passion for art and discussing some of the challenges faced as a Latina artist. She’ll also provide tips for how to manage work, family and career and provide key essentials from her perspective as a banker for how to stay financially strong and stable.

Bio: Peggy Martinez is a “banker by day, an artist for life!”  She has worked in banking for most of her life, starting as a part-time Teller and working her way up through Branch Manager and Corporate Sales Officer. She currently is the GROW Manager for the Lexington Federal Credit Union, where she oversees all the staff for two branches.  During the summer of 2010, Peggy decided to pursue her passion for painting and dedicate her work to her late sister who passed away from an asthma attack. Peggy now lectures, orchestrates exhibits and demonstrations and participates in various art festivals. She has received various awards and was selected for the “Women to Watch” list by Democrat and Chronicle. She’s also been featured in American Art Gallery, and published in “Imagen,”  “Messenger Post,” and featured in the “Still Point Arts” magazine.  Working actively for the community, Peggy also fundraises for Golisano Children’s Hospital and the Latinas Unidas scholarship fund and senior citizenship programs of the Ibero-American Action League. Peggy resides in Rochester with her husband and youngest of three daughters.

Speaker: Annette Ramos
Topic: My story as an Arts Educator
Workshop description: Latinos in Arts are scarce. Annette will share her journey as one of the few Latinas in Arts Education and how she has overcome the challenges in this field. Using the art of Executive Storytelling techniques designed to help managers and executives understand how to leverage the timeless power of storytelling to improve the effectiveness of their communications, Annette will demonstrate the ability to engage, influence and lead others.

Bio: As a bilingual Arts Educator, Annette Ramos has devoted her career to ensuring equitable educational and artistic opportunities for emergent bilingual learners from around the world. Her mission is to utilize her leadership skills to advocate for greater opportunities for Latino students. As Executive Director of the Rochester Latino Theatre Company  (RLTC) and Manager of Community Engagement for Young Audiences of Rochester(YA), Ms. Ramos is active in the Rochester Arts community, developing arts-rich programming and engaging with community initiatives where she advocates to unite Latino/a Artists moving forward the vision of a Rochester Latino Arts & Cultural Center. She is energized by her love for the arts and humanities and her desire to find creative and dynamic ways to bring Latino Arts to the public.

Speaker: Heidy Ramos
Topic: Putting your Passion into Words
Workshop description: Heidy will be discussing the challenges of becoming a published author, including how to secure an editor for the process, how to market your book, schedule book signings and promotional events and ultimately, how to successfully do all of this and still have a flourishing personal and family life. Lastly, Heidy will be speaking about the most rewarding parts of the process, including leaving a legacy for our children and serving the community in a meaningful way.

Bio: Heidy Ramos, a recent graduate from Institute of Children’s Literature, has always had a passion for writing. Author of Island of Dreams-A Memoir, Secret Whisper, and her first children’s book, The Girl Who Wears Gumamela Flower. Heidy was born and raised in the Philippines and brings her culture to the rest of the world through her stories. Heidy embraces her culture and enjoys sharing it with her readers, as well as her five children. Heidy lives in New York and when she is not writing she is cooking, hiking, or kayaking with her family. In addition to her work as an author, Heidy thrives as a Medical Assistant for an OBGYN Practice. She is currently working on her next two books, “Whale, Whale, Go Away” with Tate Publishing and “Street Blind”, with West Bow Press.

2015 WISE Latina Conference at the WISE Symposium 

April 21st, 2015 at the Syracuse Carrier Dome


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