A wonderful tribute to our roots…

Letters from a Lesbian

by Lauren Shiro

Dear World,

Recently, The Borinquen Dance Theatre in Rochester celebrated its 36th anniversary. To celebrate, they put on a performance called, Together We Dance United We Soar.

The dance concert was a wonderful tribute to our roots, culture, traditions, heritage, colors, sound, language – it was a beautiful tribute to all things Puerto Rican, past and present.

The dancers were of all ages (there were two absolutely adorable performances by the “junior” dancers), sizes, techniques, styles. It was a beautiful array of people. They performed tribal-like dances, lyrical dances, modern, jazz, tap, Flamenco-style dances, and dances that combined elements from all of these. It really was an amazing performance watching these dancers execute dance after dance that required so much energy, emotion, precision, dedication, and vivacity.

Somehow, they tapped into the spirits of our ancestors and danced the dances of our history, our people. I truly felt transported back in time and culture. I connected to the performers, as well as my own heritage.

The costumes and music choices were nothing short of spectacular. Colors that reflected the colors of Spain, Africa, the Carribbean, indigenous tribes – all simply phenomenal. And the music just spoke to your soul.

The Borinquen Dance Theatre put on an amazing performance in order to celebrate thirty six wonderful years. If you live in Rochester, or are ever in the area, you should definitely look them up. They are tremendous artists who make us proud as people and Borinqueños.

For more information, please visit http://borinquendance.org/

Live life in your own special way,