Inequality in the U.S.A

Is income inequality the U.S.A’s biggest problem..?

The ripple effects of income inequality are many poverty, health problems, rise in crime, dependence of social programs, lack of a quality education, the list goes on and on; it is no surprise the income inequality is the biggest and the most important problem in the United States. Now, why is it the most important problem in the United States? Well the most obvious reason is that all humans both in this country and in the world should be able to live a life that is healthy and that a family should not be struggling because the parent’s income is not high enough to support them and their family.

Now if one comes from a poor family then chances are that one may not have the same opportunities as another that is better off. Opportunities like a quality education, education is a key that does wonders, because it gives the people an opportunity to become better than who they were before. If one is knowledgeable about a certain topic then he/she becomes an asset to society. Which is why education is so important because it is able to boost the economy, “In order for the United States to maintain long-term scientific and economic competitiveness in the world, policymakers need to renew efforts to ensure access to high-quality, early learning experiences in childcare settings, pre-schools, and elementary schools” (The Atlantic). The future of this country is based on how we raise the younger generation and the opportunities they have to improve their way of living and being beneficial to this society, and in order to do that one must invest in quality and meaningful education that benefits the students.

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Get Fresh with Farmer’s Markets!

Trying to eat healthy on a budget? Wondering where your food comes from? Stop by your local farmers market! Summer is a great time to enjoy the fresh and inexpensive produce available at farmers markets. Markets offer a place to connect with neighbors, meet local farmers, support local small businesses, and provide nutritious food to neighborhoods in need (Farmer’s Market Coalition). Here are just a few of the many reasons to shop local this summer:

• Vary your veggies and try something new! Ever had kale or rhubarb? Farmers markets usually have unique fruits and vegetables that you won’t see at the average supermarket. Get creative and you may find a new favorite. Try tossing up an easy summer salad with fresh kale, pepper, strawberries, and red onion or grill sliced zucchini and eggplant for an easy side dish!

• Get to know your farmer! The market is a great place meet the farmers that grow your food. Farmers are informative and can tell you helpful tips on preparing and cooking your produce. Be involved with your community by meeting local farmers and supporting small businesses!

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New Column

Morgan’s Fashion Corner August 2016

As the days begin to get shorter and the sunshine peeks through until 9:00 p.m. here in Central New York, shorts and sandals have long made their way onto runways and magazines. Though fall will be upon us, summer is still here for a while longer and that means this is the perfect time to pursue your dreams before the weather begins to change. I ask, what is your passion?

For those of you who may not know me, I have been in the modeling industry since 2012. To date I’ve walked for Burberry in their prestigious New York fashion week show and was a model in Kanye West ‘Zeezy Season 3’ N.Y.F. Week event. I reside in Syracuse, New York, I have grown to love this city and truly feel that there is a lot of undiscovered talent in the area.

Have you ever thought of becoming a fashion model, producer, school teacher, photographer, designer or a business professional? My fashion article is designed to help you learn how to unlock your potential / talents and turn your dreams into a reality.

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“A Latin Family from the City of Lakes”

Janette Rodriguez was born and raised in Villalba, Puerto Rico. Dominico Rivera was born in the Bronx and raised in Papo and Jenny with their childrenVillalba. They met there and started a family… Villalba is known as “La Ciudad del Gandul” (pigeon pea city) and “La Ciudad de los Lagos” (City of Lakes). Beautiful “Lagos” and Janette proudly shared with me photos of her sisters and other family members enjoying at one of the lakes. They go there all the time. Villalba is located in the central region, northeast of Juana Díaz; south of Orocovis; and west of Coamo. “I grew up in the country (en el campo). We always yearn of going back but our four boys got married and started families here in Syracuse and now we have nine beautiful grandchildren. Our roots are deeper here” says Janette.

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Summer’s here! Time for outdoor picnics and barbeques!

The sizzling sun feels great, but along with the heat comes unwanted guests- harmful bacteria! In summer heat bacteria grow rapidly on protein and prepared foods. In just 1-2 hours in 90 degree heat, just a few bacteria will multiply to thousands!  If these are pathogenic- the type that cause food borne illness – summer fun can quickly turn to summer sickness!

Want to play it safe? Follow these basic grilling and cooler tips to keep food and your family safe this summer!


• Use two coolers: pack beverages and fruits in one; meat, protein and other prepared foods in another.

• Pack meat, poultry and prepared foods right from the refrigerator into the cooler immediately before leaving home. Keep the cooler closed until you are ready to eat. Always keep raw meat wrapped tightly; place in the bottom of the cooler surrounded by ice packs. Place containers of prepared food with more ice packs on the top.  This will help prevent meat juices from contaminating prepared foods.

• Keep the cooler cold! Pack the items you’ll use first at the top to avoid keeping the cooler open longer than you need. Remember to use ice packs and plenty of ice to hold food at safe temperatures- below 40°F!

• Find a shady spot to store your cooler!

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Celebrate animals in May

Celebrate animals in May with music, dance and food

May is my favorite month (with September being a close second). Flowers galore, warm breezes, wild animal babies. Our yard is a gathering spot for baby bunnies, woodchucks, birds and others.

Celebrate this lovely month with People for Animal Rights, and help us raise funds to continue our work to raise awareness about the needs of wild and domestic animals – and to protect Mother Earth.

Spanish translation by Rob English

Non-Animal Methods to Advance Medical Research

Amazing Non-Animal Methods To Advance Medical Research

I’m wowed at the new technology that’s now available to study human disease and cures. I learn something new every week by receiving email messages from Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research and Experimentation (CAARE), available free at http:/ and started in March, 2015 by Barbara Stagno of NYS. Here’s some of the information from CAARE: 

Every day scientists and doctors are dramatically expanding methods that enhance medicine and science without the use of animals. Many also acknowledge that non-animal methods are superior to deriving results from animals!

For example, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) invested $17 million in 2014 to advance the production of Bio-chips – miniaturized systems made up of living cells embedded in microchips. The NIH Tissue Chip program, started in 2012, has dedicated nearly $76 million for chip technology to improve drug testing and development. 

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