A Unique Way to Discover Cuba

Cuba Welcomes U.S. Participants to the 2016 Titan Tropic Cuba by GAES

The second edition of the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes will take place in Cuba from the 3rd to the 8th of December 2016. Registration is available to U.S. participantsat www.titantropic.com until October 31st, 2016.

With the recent change in U.S.-Cuba relationships, it’s now easier than ever for American Mountain Bike enthusiasts to participate in the Titan Tropic Cuba by GAES (www.titantropic.com.)The second edition of the MTB marathon kicks off through the most prominent streets of exotic Havana on December 3rd, ending at a stunning finish line in the paradisiacal beach ofCayoJutías on December 8th, 2016.

The Titan Tropic Cuba by GAES is a race of self-improvement and individual challenge. This unique adventure continues to grow in popularity, with a high percentage of cyclists from all over the world competing this year for the second time including Diego Tamayo, from Colombia, who won first place last year. Other countries such as Spain, Canada, México and Italia, will also be represented.

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Quinoa with Calamari Salad

Quinoa is one of my favorite “grains” to eat! You can make savory and sweet dishes using quinoa. This seed is less starchy
than rice or wheat, which makes it a great choice for people watching the quality/quantity of carbs they eat. It is an excellent source of plant-based protein as well as gut-friendly dietary fiber.

One of the most important steps when cooking quinoa is to rinse it under cold water. This step is essential to get rid of the compound ‘saponins’ which actually protects the seeds from natural predators but has an unpleasant bitter flavor.

There are various types of quinoa such as red, black, white or golden. They all have similar nutritional profiles, however, the black and red variety seem to have higher levels of flavonoids or antioxidants than their white or golden counterparts.

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Time to… live with pride…

Time to celebrate their lives…

                                 Time to live with pride…

Dear World,

On Sunday, June 12, a massacre occurred in Orlando, Florida. At Pulse, a night club. It was a massacre against our community. Forty nine people were killed, fifty three others were wounded. It was the worst single person mass shooting in modern American history.

Omar Mateen was an American citizen, born in New York, of Afghan descent. He was twenty nine years old, and worked as a security guard. He was a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a friend, and apparently, a very angry, hate-filled man. Though he pledged allegiance to the Islamic State during a 911 call he made at one point in the shooting, he had no official ties to them. The motives remain mysterious.

Was it hatred in the name of Islam? Many seem to think so, and have called it a terrorist attack. Although even his father said this was not done in the name of religion. Was it terrorism? Personally, I don’t like that label. Perhaps you do. I just find that term detracts from the fact that it was an attack specifically against our community. It wasn’t against Americans in general, it was against gays because of who we love and how we identify. It was hatred and prejudice that was focused solely on LGBTs. It was terrorism or sorts, but to me, it was much more of a hate crime against the gay community.

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Bringing the Latino Family in America

La Familia Villarreal, a Latino family dedicated to promoting culture and values

Alicia has 5 children and 17 grandchildren. 30 years ago she decided to come and live in Syracuse, after her daughter took the first step to emigrate from their country, Peru, in the 70s. The Villarreal are a large, united family and fervent to keep their Latino traditions day by day, and to pass them to the younger members of the household. Mrs. Alicia and her daughters believe that communication is the key for the little ones not to lose respect and affection for the family, one of the core values of the Latino family. The South Americans are characterized by putting family as the center, and this has been a duty to them to keep their roots and values while away from their home country.

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“Christmas Carol”

The Christmas season is the carol season. My favorite carols are “Joy, Joy” and “The Little Donkey of the Savanna,” whose first verses begin as follows:

“They gave soup to the Child. / He did not want to eat it, / and since it was so sweet, / Saint Joseph ate it.” (“Joy, Joy”)

“With my little donkey of the savanna / I’m on my way to Bethlehem. / If they see me, if they see me, / I’m on my way to Bethlehem.” (“The Little Donkey of the Savanna”)

The second carol reached its climax in popularity in Latin America in 1976. It was composed by Hugo Blanco (1940-2015), a musician born in Caracas, Venezuela, and known for his traveling harp.

I have another cherished chant that is a birthday song, not particularly a Christmas song. But if we get to think a bit it could also be considered in the second category. According to Church doctrine, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus as Lord and Savior of all humankind. Therefore, intoning the song “The Little Mornings” on December 25 of every year would be acceptable. It begins: “These are the little mornings / that King David sang. / Today being your birthday / we sing them to you. / Wake up, my dear awake, / look that it already dawned. / Already the little birds sing, / the moon already got in.”

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Why I do not celebrate Latino heritage month

Why I do not celebrate Latino heritage month

Latino heritage month just passed and throughout that time there were many events and ads that attempt to portrait their celebration of our culture. While there are some merit behind this, I personally do not agree with this month, the same way I do not agree with Black history month or Jewish history month. The reason as to why I do not agree with any of these, is because we as a people should not celebrate different cultures just because it is a national celebration. Not only that but to me it seems disrespectful, to think that one can celebrate a culture as diverse as the Latino culture in just one month, one can barely scratch the surface in one month. People seem to think that just because they have events with mariachi bands and foods like empanadas, tacos, or pupusas does not mean that you have respected and celebrated our culture, and now must wait until next year to do it again.

Our culture is not just about our intoxicating and rich foods, the ever evolving language that becomes totally different depending on who you are talking to, or to how passionate we are, and how that passion is reflected in our manner of speaking and on the dance floor. It is about our struggles to become a respected community, it is about defining who we are, it is about keeping our culture and language alive instead of being washed away by the mainstream.

Our culture is about our family and making sure that we get up in the morning to do what we do so that we can maintain them. The things that I have done are not because of me but rather for them, my family, it is to show the elders that their sacrifices are not in vain, nor shall they be, and that they will never be forgotten; it is also for the young ones so they can see that they can become something, that they should not be afraid to aspire or to dream. I pave the way so that they follow and create their own. I do not celebrate Latino heritage month because I celebrate it every single day.

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ALANA conference at SUNY Oswego

ALANA conference at SUNY Oswego to celebrate diversity

OSWEGO — The 29th annual ALANA Student Leadership Conference at SUNY Oswego, a weeklong multicultural celebration starting Sept. 19, will feature the ever-popular fashion show, a high-energy motivational speaker, leadership workshops, a gala banquet and a concluding performance by the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra.

With a theme this year of “Empowerment for the Future,” ALANA (African, Latin, Asian and Native American) annually encourages student leadership, multicultural learning and an atmosphere of mutual understanding at SUNY Oswego. Student representatives of cultural organizations spend nearly a year organizing the jam-packed week.

ALANA week “is a great place to meet new people,” said Caribbean Student Association representative Marquia Williams, a sophomore in majoring in mathematics with a pre-health emphasis. “You get to have friends, you don’t need to be by yourself. Everybody is very welcoming.”

The ALANA Fashion Show — presenting an array of cultural fashions — will take place at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 19, in Hewitt Union ballroom. DJ Tumbo and guest comedians Marlon Randolph and Omar Thompson will entertain. Tickets are $5.


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