Which Social Media Site should I use?

Each day more people misunderstand Social Media. Social Media sites are not only used to upload a video onto YouTube or create an account on LinkedIn. Social Media sites open up a variety of channels to current and prospective customers, who can contact us. A good, solid and viable marketing campaign utilizing Social Media requires the commitment of time, money and focus for it to succeed.


Each business is different, and its audience and potential customers can be focused on one website rather than another. It is important to be able to recognize, and to connect with the audience on a personal level, so providing useful tools, resources and advice is vital.

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Accident and Rights in Construction

While reading different reports this month about the economy doing better, I noticed that most of the jobs generated in the construction field are going to Latinos.  Given that recent trend, I thought it important to discuss the unique rights and protections New York State provides to construction workers.

Construction workers are exposed to very dangerous working conditions.   It is for that reason our state’s legislature passed two laws that are very important to construction workers.  More specifically, New York State enacted Labor Law sections 240 and 241 to provide specific protection and rights to construction workers.

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Thanksgiving for the Turkeys

Every year Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen (near Ithaca, New York) invites people to celebrate Thanksgiving in a fun and compassionate way. Instead of eating turkeys, people enjoy feeding the turkeys who live at the sanctuary. The turkeys are the honored guests. To learn more, contact Farm Sanctuary at (607)583-2225 or go to http://www.farmsanctuary.org/

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Can my employer fire me for no reason? (Part I)


In this article, I will focus on discrimination in the workplace based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, and disability. You should know that there are other aspects of workplace discrimination or harassment which I will not be covering in this article (i.e., economic activity, pregnancy, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, free speech, etc.). You should also know that I will be referring to discrimination “at the workplace.”  Please note, however, that many of these provisions also apply to persons applying for jobs. As you are aware, potential employers might discriminate against potential employees. Therefore, anytime I refer to discrimination “at the workplace” by employers, I am also referring to discrimination by potential employers. This article will be entirely based on federal law. You must know, however, that New York State law parallels federal law. In point of fact, New York State law often goes beyond the protections of the federal law. Therefore, if you have any questions about your employment, you should contact me to discuss your case.

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SALUD – Febrero 2013

Lo que los padres necesitan saber sobre el cáncer

y la vacuna contra el VPH

Nosotros podemos vacunar a nuestros hijos contra el virus de la poliomielitis, contra el sarampión y contra la gripe. Más recientemente se ha puesto al alcance de los padres de familia una vacuna para que puedan brindar a sus hijos otro medio de protección contra enfermedades—una vacuna para la prevención de algunos tipos de cáncer.

Aunque el cáncer no es contagioso—a nadie se le puede “pegar” el cáncer de un pariente, de un amigo o del vecino—un virus llamado virus del papiloma humano (VPH) causa el cáncer de cérvix, o cuello uterino, y algunos otros cánceres. La infección por VPH es la que más se transmite por contacto sexual en los Estados Unidos. La mayoría de las infecciones por el VPH desaparecen por sí solas, pero las infecciones duraderas por ciertos tipos de VPH pueden resultar en cáncer.

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HEALTH – February 2013

What parents should know about cancer and the HPV vaccine

We can vaccinate our children against polio, against measles, against the flu. And more recently a vaccine has become available that lets parents give their children a new leg up against disease—a vaccine to prevent some types of cancer.

Although cancer isn’t contagious—no one can “catch” cancer from a relative, friend, or neighbor—a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV) causes cervical cancer and some other cancers. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. Most HPV infections go away on their own, but long-lasting infections with certain HPV types can lead to cancer.

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¿Quién dijo que el boxeo estaba muerto?

Después de haber terminado el libro de mi amigo, Alexandre Choko, The Future of Boxing, me dio consuelo al saber que entre los 55 grandes del boxeo entrevistados, la mayoría de ellos creen como yo, que el boxeo no está muerto!. Por el contrario, hay un resurgimiento y vitalidad en estos momentos, no se veía desde la década de 1980. Más sobre esto más adelante. Me gustaría compartir algunas de las sugerencias grandes y no tan grande, de parte de los boxeadores y boxeadores antiguos, que se ofrecen en el libro del Sr. Choko. Así que, por favor, disfrútelas, mientras yo comparto algunas de estas sugerencias con usted.

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