Businesses – June 2012

Why do I need a website?

A website is an important and powerful cover letter to potential clients. Our business must generate sales, and the internet helps us to do that. Along with traditional marketing (radio, TV, newspaper, etc.), which generate sales, we must also include in our budget web marketing.

Here I will present some reasons why it is important to have an active presence on the internet:

  • Exposure at the International, regional or local level: On the internet your business can expand within days. Imagine how you can attract customers from other countries.

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Prepare Your Kids for Summer Job Expenses

High school and college students hoping to find temporary jobs may be in for a tough time this summer – once again – as they compete with older, more experienced workers in a still-struggling economy. But if your kid is fortunate enough to find work, there are a few things he or she – and you – should know about the economic and tax ramifications of temporary employment:

Payroll deductions. If this is their first job, warn your kids about common payroll deductions that can take a big bite out of take-home pay. Common culprits include state and federal income taxes, Social Security and Medicare (FICA), health and unemployment insurance, uniforms and union dues.

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Palabra Viva – Junio 2012

Amado lector, es para este ministerio un verdadero privilegio el poder llegar a ti por este medio. Oramos por cada una de las personas que están leyendo esta columna y le pedimos al Señor Jesús que toque sus corazones y que su Palabra viva transforme tu manera de pensar y vivir. En este primer escrito quiero compartir con ustedes una verdad que me transformó y que ha determinado quien soy en todas las áreas de mi vida.

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Modern Day Vaquero

This Capital District photographer first met Ruben Amezcua, modern day vaquero, (and soon to be model,) while searching for the perfect “horse in the sunset”  photo opportunity, in New Mexico. 

I was one of the East coast photographers specializing in American West photography, that had been   invited to attend an artists reception, and opening, of  the Hubbard Museum of the American West Annual Fall Photography Exhibition. A number of my prints had been juried in to the show. The Hubbard Museum is located in  the  mountains, above the Mescalero Apache Reservation, in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico.  The Museum specializes in all things western, and is associated with the Smithsonian Museum.  World famous collections of hand-tooled saddles, spurs, horse drawn wagons, antique guns, native American pottery, and much more, are housed under the museums roof. The world famous Ruidoso Downs racetrack is located close by.  Horse country for sure.

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FINANCES – June 2012

Make your vacation security checklist

With summer vacation right around the corner, you’re probably busy planning itineraries, shopping for new bathing suits and finishing up work projects. But before you completely check out, take a few minutes to review a few financial safeguards that could save you a ton of grief and money – and protect your identity.

Credit and debit cards. If you’re planning to travel – especially overseas – follow these precautions:

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Living Word – June 2013

Dear reader, it is a true privilege for this ministry the opportunity to reach out to you in this manner. We pray for each one of the people who are reading this column and we asked the Lord Jesus to touch your hearts and that his Living Word transforms your way of thinking and living. In this first writing we want to share with you a truth that has transformed me and that has defined who I am in all the areas of my life.

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Hispanic Sues Nassau County For Violation Of Civil Rights

Central Islip, New York. Sebastian Eric Rodriguez, of Seaford, wanted to be a Nassau County Correctional Officer just like his dad, Michael Rodriguez, who has worked at the jail for nearly 20 years. In 2007 and 2008 Rodriguez applied, scoring high marks on the entrance exams and physical tests. All that was left was for Rodriguez to be interviewed or screened by the Nassau Police Department. He left his home, cell phone numbers and his address with them while he waited to be interviewed. They called him on his cell phone but he did not get their messages until after he received a letter from them saying that he was rejected because he did not come in for the interview.

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