Coexistiendo pacíficamente con Coyotes

Un animal hermoso, inteligente, y muy adaptable – el coyote. Controversia rodea a este animal (de veces llamado “El perro de Dios”) en Central New York ya que unas municipalidades están matando coyotes o están pensando en matarlos. Esta clase de “gerencia” es innecesario, impracticable, y cruel.

Seres humanos y coyotes pueden coexistir según y cuando recordemos que coyotes son animales silvestres los que debemos tratar con respeto y no con familiaridad. No hay que tratarles como si pudieran ser ‘mascotas,’ por ejemplo acercándolos o dándoles de comer. Es fácil que un coyote entrenado a ver seres humanos como fuentes de comida ya volviere en un coyote muerto porque asustará a personas con acercándolos agresivamente.

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WISE LATINA – April 2012


The CNY Latino Media Consortium is proud to present for the second year, the WISE Latina session within the popular WISE Symposium, a panel-based discussion with Women from this culture. This panel is made of three experienced and successful Latinas, sharing about their personal and professional lives, including their contribution to our communities. Their experiences exemplify the lives of many, with hopes and dreams of a better life for their children and their future generations.

When we look at the workforce, the economy, and the political situation, we know that Latinos already started to play pivotal roles in these shifts, and we want to support the notion that we can play a self-directed, thoughtful and meaningful role. The panelists believes we, as Latinos, need to be prepared to take on leadership, this means to step into positions of power, guidance, and authority. They also believe that when there are no open opportunities for you, you must create your own.





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What today’s foster care system looks like

Foster care today looks a lot different than what it used to look like many years ago. Foster homes today are not necessarily the typical residence facilities that house many children of different ages and backgrounds. Although there are many youth residence facilities providing foster care services that fit the traditional perception, foster care has evolved into a more refined process. In OnondagaCounty, foster care is a high-capacity industry, with many children looking for homes. However, in this new era of foster care, the county is actively seeking new methods for placing youth.

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The Cumin in our Language

Cumin is a spice Latinos and Latin Americans use to flavor many of our dishes.  Its seed is no bigger than a grain of rice.  However, those dishes we call our own wouldn’t be the same without the presence of this tiny seed.  We are Latinos and we have our language.  Yours, mine, theirs… So different from one country to another, but always painted in the colors from this side of the Ocean. It is the Latin American Spanish, our language, which word by word, phrase by phrase, or cumin seed by cumin seed, adds to our identity.  Now, evidently our language is not the same if we neglect the correct use of words for then it lacks the distinctive flavor of our land.  Therefore, giving the best use I can to the language I was born in is the main reason to speak it correctly and defend it as much as possible, if only by using the cumin seed of a single word or phrase. Furthermore, since it is the language of my parents, of my grandparents, of my origins, I wish for it to be the language of our future generations too.

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The Bad Boys of Boxing (part I)

As I see it, there are many ways one can define the word bad. A person can be bad, as in having malicious intent. A person can be bad, as in, “Man, that guy is bad. I’m not messing with him.” A person can be in bad taste because of their buffoonery or braggadocio, or, a person can be bad, for displaying that “Bad Boy” image. Let’s explore some of boxing’s baddest bad boys throughout the twentieth century, and recent history, that, in one way or another, fall into one of these categories.

Earnie Shavers – After their 1980 bout, Randall “Tex” Cobb said of Mr. Shavers, “Earnie Shavers could punch you in the neck and break your ankle.” Both men had fought a memorable war in the ring, but a proud Mr. Shavers, with no quit in him, was past his prime at age 36, and was pummeled, until the bout was called to a halt. At the time, Mr. Cobb was a hungry 24 year old up-and-comer. To this day, Mr. Shavers is known throughout boxing circles, as being the hardest hitting heavyweight of all time. I had the pleasure of making Mr. Shavers acquaintance last summer. He looks as bad as he ever did.

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Sufrí un accidente. ¿Cuales son mis derechos? (parte I)

Me gustaría comenzar este articulo con una nota personal.  He decidido dejar la firma de abogados de Smith Sovik, para la que he trabajado por los últimos 4 años. Yo me decidí ir para empezar mi propia firma: Las Oficinas del Abogado José Pérez, la cual esta localizada en 120 East Washington Street, Suite 925, Syracuse, New York 13202. El teléfono es: 315-480-5085.

Si tu tienes un accidente, tu podrías tener una acción legal por daños causados a tu persona contra la empresa o la persona que te causó los daños. Si alguien es mas culpable que tu por tus heridas o daños, tu podrías tener una acción contra esa persona o negocio y su empresa de seguro.  El tipo de accidente y la causa del accidente podrían afectar que tipo de compensación podrías recibir.

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Los Bad Boys del boxeo (parte I)

Como yo lo veo, hay muchas maneras que se puede definir la palabra mala. Una persona puede ser mala, como en tener malas intenciones. Una persona puede ser mala, como en “El hombre, ese hombre es malo. No voy a enredar con él.” Una persona puede ser de mal gusto debido a su bufonería o jactancia, o bien, una persona puede ser mala, por mostrar la imagen del “Bad Boy”. Vamos a explorar algunos de los chicos malos, más malos del boxeo en todo el siglo XX, y la historia reciente, que, de una manera u otra, caen en una de estas categorías.

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